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Special Direct at events and exhibitions

Special Direct, a Special Needs division of the TTS Group, is full of exciting and inspiring resources to help children with special needs.

If you are working with children who have Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Speech and Language difficulties or motor co-ordination problems we have lots of resources that you will love.

We aim to consistently improve our resource range and have been busy building relationships with SEN professionals, so that we can offer resources that are practical, relevant, and useful to the people that matter.

If there are resources that you cannot find, or don't yet exist, that would make teachers lives easier, improve classrooms, and most importantly enhance the learning of those individuals with special needs we would love to hear from you. Special Direct Company Information

Events and Exhibitions

If you have any events (big or small!) you would like us to attend please let us know, we will happily bring a selection of resources. We love chatting; listening to your feedback and finding out what resources you would like to use in your classroom email us at feedback@specialdirect.com

Just some of the reasons people love Special Direct

"Special Direct are, in my opinion, the most responsive special needs company - always going the extra mile to spend time in schools and with professionals - in order to have an in depth understanding of the pupils' and teaching staff's needs . This has  led to the development of an enormous amount of innovative products in direct response to modern day learning and classroom styles. I have always found equipment and ideas in the Special Direct catalogue that support my therapy practice and the company works to provide information as well as product sales. The intrinsic interest and care in children's performance is clear in the way that the company responds to educational need." Alison Harris, Occupational Therapist


"Special Direct excel in providing essential therapy and learning materials for a range of mainstream children and for those with identified additional needs. Their catalogue is like a treasure chest of ideas for both teaching staff and therapists.  Special Direct are innovative, they offer value for money and they completely understand the needs of their audience." Sarah Davis, Speech and Language Therapist


"The Special Direct Team are a great team to work with, always professional, reliable and prompt and very open to ideas and suggestions.  I always look to Special Direct for innovative and quality educational resources for both my own children and the young clients I work with."  Rachel Farley, Speech and Language Therapist

Special Direct is part of the TTS family

TTS has been supplying high quality educational resources to schools across the UK for more than 25 years so they really know their stuff. With Special Direct, you get the variety and diversity of a new company as well as the reliability and experience of an old one. Like tea and biscuits, we complement each other perfectly. Find out more about TTS

We are based in Nottinghamshire where we can often be found doing exhaustive product research (playing with toys) and team-building exercises (chatting over tea and cake). What we love most though, is to be with teachers, so if you'd like us to come and visit your school, or do a little table top 'come and play' at a local authority training day, then let us know.