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Memory Fix  

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Short, focused games and activities to develop memory skills » Read more

Teaching Subjects

Special Educational Needs

English Curriculum

Early Years, Key Stages 1, 2, 3, 4 & 4+

Scottish Curriculum

Early Years, P1-3, P4-7, S1-2, S3-4, S5-6

Memory Fix is a collection of short, focused games and activities, each of which addresses a specific aspect of memory and suggests strategies that might help children to improve their performance in class. The activities can be combined to create an intensive intervention, or be used individually. 

Developed by SENCo Kate Ruttle, the programme helps children to develop strategies to improve their short term and working memory and this can impact on their work in the classroom, particularly in terms of attainment, attention and self-esteem

The activities are designed to be used with between one and four children to develop visual, auditory and phonological memory and can be made gradually more challenging. Includes pre and post intervention assessments. 

  • 1x A4 48 activity programme
  • 40 coloured counters
  • 6 plastic objects
  • 72 picture cards
  • magnetic foam matchsticks
  • 2x magnetic alphabet
  • 2x magnetic numbers
  • whiteboard pens
  • 24 number/colour strips
  • 2x phoneme frames
  • whiteboard
  • tiles with spacers.

Product Features

  • Teaches transferable strategies for improving memory
  • The games and activities get gradually more challenging
  • Includes activities to promote Visual, Auditory and Phonological memory
  • Pre and post intervention assessments
  • Includes recording sheets for monitoring progress
  • Designed to be used with between one and four children
  • May help children improve their performance in class

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